PRESS RELEASE: An Urgent and Inevitable Global Discussion Is About To Begin!

Global Conversation: Transitioning The Planet Away From The Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm:
How to do this intelligently, smoothly and with minimal economic disruption?
Let this global discussion begin in earnest!

Dear Fellow Resident of Planet Earth:

If you haven’t seen our many posts, articles and essays on numerous blogs and websites thoughout the worldwide web, please let us summarize:

I. The BP Gulf Oil Spill is a defining moment in world history. Mother Earth is perhaps focusing the world’s attention on the unsustainability of the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm.

II. Given that we are approaching 7 billion of us, continued reliance on this energy platform will inevitably cause an exponential increase in planetary environmental degradation.

III. This eventuality will then translate to a quickening of the deterioration of the quality of life for humankind, as well as all living things.

IV. The obvious consequences to human life will be an ever-increasing incidence of disease and illness, as reflected by the many multi-infection syndromes and alphabet soup diseases of this new millennium.

V. That’s the bad news; the GOOD NEWS is that if we only seize this moment, and this window of opportunity will stay open for only so long, we can smartly begin a transition away from Oil & Gas, and over to the truly clean and green, sustainable and cost-effective, environmentally friendly and ecologically sound energy sources and platforms.

VI. What we seek to create collectively is a Global Discussion to discuss the necessity of this worldwide initiative. It needs to be extra-national and totally owned by “ALL” the residents of planet Earth. Organically grown, grassroots driven, steered by We The People everywhere.

VII. Many of the youth really get this. The Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference had the great pleasure to work with so many of the younger generations who are ready to take back their power, stand in their own truth and begin to speak truth to power as never before concerning these weighty issues.

VIII. This will be the ultimate environmental health advocacy, as the entire planet has suffered tremendously as long as the hydrocarbon fuel platform has supported our civilization. Therefore, the youth do have more incentive to address the status quo, especially since they have the most to gain, the least to lose and in need of a job everywhere you look.

IX. Our emerging Multi-Media Mothership Platform is the primary vehicle to disseminate and sustain this global conversation. There are many other great platforms emerging and technology breakthroughs which can serve as the means by which the truly green, sustainable, cost effective, renewable, and environmentally friendly energy sources of the future can be further developed and shared.

Any questions or feedback, please forward to:

Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

P.S. Please click on the link below to read:
THE FINAL END OF THE HYDROCARBON FUEL PARADIGM – an article written in the days just following the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.

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